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Publishing Your App Using Your Own iTunes/Google Play Account

As the publisher, you can publish your App through your own iTunes account. If you already have an App that has published through your own iTunes account, and you are migrating to Zinio Pro from another digital publishing solution, you will need to continue publishing through your own account to make it a seemless transition for your customers.

iTunes Store

Listed below are the iTunes account roles and additional information we will need to setup your App in your iTunes acount.

  1. Access to publisher iTunes Connect account with an App Manager role (for submitting the apps)
  2. Access to publisher iTunes Developer account (for submitting the apps)
  3. Access to publisher iTunes Connect account with a Finance Role (for reporting)
  4. Private Key (one Private Key per account, not per App):

(this option is suitable when the client has other live apps on that account because if we were to create a new Private Key, we would invalidate the existing one)

  • Client let us create a new Private Key

(If there are no other live apps on that developer account)

Email Invites for Zinio


ba-developer@zinio.com: Admin role


ba-developer@zinio.com: Admin role

ba-finance@zinio.com:  Finance role




How to Share an Apple Certificate and its Private Key

  1. Open Keychain Access on your Mac (found in Applications/Utilities) and go to My Certificates.
  2. Find the Private Key (named as the organization owning the iTunes Connect account).
  3. Expand the Private Key and you should now see the Certificate.



  1. Select only these two items (not the Public Key) by holding SHIFT and clicking both items.


  1. Right click and click Export 2 Items from the popup,
  2. In the next window, make sure the file format is a .p12, choose a filename and destination on your hard drive and click Save.
  3. You will be prompted to set a Password, input the Password and click OK
  4. Send to us the .p12 file and let us know the Password

Google Play Store

Email Invites for Zinio:

ba-developer@zinio.com: Admin role

ba-finance@zinio.com:  Finance role

In order for us to publish your app to your own Google Play Developer account, we will need you to follow the steps below to generate us the Client ID, Client Secret, Authorization Code, Access Token and Refresh Token.

  1. Login to the Google Play Developer Console account with Owner access.
  2. Create API project if it does not already have one.
  • Go to the API Access page on the Google Play Developer Console.
  • Accept the Terms of Service.
  • Click Create new project.

An API project is automatically generated and linked to your Google Play Developer Console.


  1. If there is already the API project, click on "View in Google Developers Console." This will open a new window.


In Credentials, choose the Create Credentials drop-down menu > choose OAuth client ID.

  • In the Application type section of the dialog, select Web application.
  • In the Authorized JavaScript origins, enter: http://app2.audiencemedia.com
  • In the Authorized redirect URIs, enter: http://app2.audiencemedia.com/oauth2callback
  • Choose "Create."

  1. Save your Client ID and Client Secret in a text editor or email application. You will need to send these to us later.

5. Retrieve the Authorization Code:

  • The next screen will show the below image. Don’t worry, you have done this step correctly. Do not close this window yet.

  • Copy the URL in the browser window from the address bar and paste it into the text editor/email window as you did in step 4 for the Client ID and the Client Secret. Now you have all three things you need to generate the Access Token and the Refresh Token.

  1. Creating the Refresh Token and the Access Token.

The code you created in step 5 expires after 10 minutes. This below steps must be done immediately after you get the Authorization Code.

For Macintosh:

  • In a text editor, paste the below code. Replace the code in red with the Authorization Code you generated in step 5 and the Client ID and Client secret you generated in step 4.

curl --data "grant_type=authorization_code&code=AuthorizationCode&client_id=ClientID&client_secret=Client Secret&redirect_uri=http://app2.audiencemedia.com/oauth2callback" https://accounts.google.com/o/oauth2/token

  • Launch Terminal on your Macintosh computer. It is located in Applications > Utilities > Terminal
  • Copy and paste the updated code into Terminal.
  • Press Enter
  • The system will return the Access Token and the Refresh Token. An example is below:


"access_token" : "ya29.ZStBkRnGUYOLgls7QVBxOg82XhBCFo8UIT5gM",

  "token_type" : "Bearer",

  "expires_in" : 3600,

  "refresh_token" : "1/zaaHNytlEBX7F2cfrHcqJEa3KoAHYeXES6nmho”



Send us the Client ID, Client Secret, and Authorization Code. Also send us the Access Token and Refresh Code that was generated in Terminal.

These are the items we need to create you App on your Google Play Developer account.

Ref.: https://developers.google.com/android-publisher/getting_started


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