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Production Schedule

Why do we need to fill out a production schedule?

Publishers are required to send ZINIO a completed annual production schedule in order for their issues to be produced and published on time.  The schedule will ensure that your publication is placed in the production team's work queue.

What does each field in the production schedule mean?

  • Column A - Issue Title: This is the Issue Title which displays to customers. Examples of format include: May 2017 / Winter 2017 / #189 / Vol. 6 etc... It should be consistent with what you have used in previous years.
  • Column B - Fulfillment Issue Number: If you are uploading any fulfillment files to ZINIO, either directly or through a Fulfillment House, please provide the fulfillment issue number that will match your produced issues to your uploaded fulfillment file.
  • Column C - PDF to Zinio Date: This is the date you will upload the issue PDF to ZINIO. Minimum turn-around time is 5 business days unless your publication is weekly.  Format must be DD-MM-YYYY.
  • Column E - Go Live on Zinio Date: This is the date the issue will be released to stores and delivered to subscribers where applicable. Late delivery of PDF will mean a late Go Live.



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