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FH FH stands for Fulfillment House
FHID FHID is your fulfillment house identification code in the ZINIO system.
ISSN International Standard Serial Number, and is a unique number assigned to a publication such as a magazine, newspaper, periodical, or other recurring publication
ISSUE CODE ISSUE CODE/FH Issue Code is the fulfillment issue number that is provided on your fulfillment files submitted to ZINIO by your Fulfillment House (i.e: CDS Global, Palmcoast Data, Time Customer Service, Strategic Fulfillment Group, Fulco Inc., etc...). These codes will identify each specific issue in the ZINIO system.
PUBCODE PUBCODE is your magazine identification code in the ZINIO system
UMC Universal Magazine Code
ZBC ZINIO Business Center
ZFH ZINIO Fulfillment House
Labels Processed (PUB01) Total count of records ZINIO attempted to fulfill
 Entitlement Units (PUB01) Total count of digital issues successfully added in subscriber’s library. Variances from Label Processed are usually invalid emails, duplicate emails, missing emails.
Delivery Units (PUB01)  Total count of successful email delivery notification sent to subscriber's inbox



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