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How do I send someone a complimentary subscription, current issue or back issue?

Please upload all complimentary request through the ZINIO Fulfillment FTP server using a 1250 character fixed-width text file. Example in attached link. If you do not have access to an FTP account, please contact fulfillment@zinio.com to get set up.


Where can I get help with creating a ZINIO formatted label file (fulfillment file)?

Step by step instructions on creating a standard ZINIO 1250 character fixed-width text file is available for download at the provided link: "Label_File_Template_v2.zip"

This zip file will include:

  • PDF instruction document
  • Excel (.xls) template for data entry with 3 tabs
    1. Tab 1 is the Entry form
    2. Tab 2 is the column field reference
    3. Tab 3 is the FH ID Table
  • Sample of a final Text (.txt) document


What is my Fulfillment House ID (FHID)?

If your digital publication is currently being fulfilled through a Fulfillment House, the below table is a list of fulfillment house ID in the ZINIO system.  Please use the ZINIO ID in the second column in your label file under the FHID field.

Fulfillment House Name ZINIO ID
Acer 11305922
ARGI 155088948
Beadwork fh139071
Cambey & West, Inc. fh38001
CDS 1710
Cornerstone fh139011
ESP Computer Services fh139051
Fulco 283570986
ICN 248149955
Kable 6489472
Omeda 1707
PalmCoast 1703
PCS 400025311
Prestige fh39001
Publication Fulfillment Services Inc fh35001
Publisher In-House fh37001
QSS 68784968
Stark Services fh139031
Strategic Fulfillment Group fh139021
Sunbelt Fulfillment Services 80004763
Time Customer Service 54882184
William Reed Publishing 79872325
ZINIO Fulfillment House (ZFH) 1701


What is my publication code (PUBCODE)?

Please contact Fulfillment@zinio.com for complete publication fulfillment code information.


What is ISSUE CODE/FH Issue Code?

ISSUE CODE/FH Issue Code is the fulfullment issue number that is provided on your fulfillment files submitted to ZINIO by your Fulfillment House (i.e: CDS Global, Palmcoast Data, Time Customerr Service, Strategic Fulfillment Group, Fulco Inc., etc...). These codes will identify each specific issue in the ZINIO system.


I keep getting an error when trying to convert the Excel (.xls) file into the final Text (.txt) file.

If you are getting an error when trying to convert the Excel template into the 1250 character fixed-width Text file, please check for the following errors on the Excel file:

  • Each row of record must have the following columns completely filled out:
    • (A) REC TYPE
    • (B) FHID
    • (C) PUBCODE
    • (D) ISSUE CODE
    • (X) TERM
  • Excel must be saved in Excel 97-2003 (.xls) format
  • Row 1 is the field headers and should not be removed in the Excel file, converter tool will remove automatically once converted to Text file format
  • Row 2 is where your fulfillment records should begin in the Excel file - overwrite any old orders
  • Email address must be complete (containing @ sign and domain information)


You must use the converter tool to format the Excel file into the proper fixed-width formatted Text file. 


Why can't I connect to your SFTP server?

The ZINIO secured FTP server is not browser based, you must use an FTP client such as Filezilla, Cyberduck and WinSCP.

Also, please make sure you are connecting to our secured FTP server using SFTP/SSH protocol and port number 2222. Username and Passwords are case sensitive.

Helpful screenshots and instruction guide can be found here.


When will email notifications be sent to subscribers?

Email notifications will be delivered to subscribers within 2-4 hours after file have been successfully processed


How come the subscriber cannot see the magazine in their account?

Subscribers having trouble accessing the magazine may not be logged in correctly to their account:

  • Check that the email address submitted on the label file is spelled correctly
  • Have the subscriber check that they are logging in using the email address you have entitled
  • If they have never used ZINIO before, please make sure they have completed registration under the email address you have entitled 
  • Using www.zinio.com - please click on the MY MAGAZINE link on the top right hand corner to SIGN IN or READ
  • Using ZINIO mobile app - please select the READ option and SIGN IN or SIGN UP


How do I know my file processed successfully on your Fulfillment sFTP server?

Fulfillment files uploaded to the ZINIO Fulfillment sFTP server will be processed automatically on an hourly interval. Please send an upload notifications to Fulfillment@zinio.com for each new file upload.



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