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Zinio Pro is excited to introduce our program for branded apps for smartphones and tablets - leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver the best smartphone and tablet experience to your customers while reaching millions of new users with device-optimized versions of your magazines.

Uploading Your Content to Zinio Pro

If you are already a Zinio customer, you have already been delivering your PDF's to us through an FTP site we provided to you. If you are a new customer to Zinio, we will provide you with FTP instructions to upload your PDF's. All we need from you to process your content on our platform is a finished PDF for each of your issues. We process your PDF and convert it to XML for you. The XML is then ingested into your Zinio Pro Publishing Platform account where you can make further edits to the content before publishing.


Digital Specifications for PDF Files

Editorial format PDF Files

  • Stitched PDF (The final PDF files for all editorial, ad, insert and supplement pages are combined, in order, into a single PDF)
  • PDF version should be 1.4 or later
  • All pages should be cropped and trimmed to final trim size
  • Embedded fonts for all text
  • 300 DPI using high resolution data (No placeholders)
  • RGB Color profile

Required : PDF file must be final and complete at time of upload to Zinio

It is assumed that all files received are final and have been thoroughly checked by the publisher. We cannot accommodate editorial changes after the file is submitted, this includes changes to pagination.

Required : Pages

Single PDF file with all pages together (multipage/stitched PDF/ do not use spreads but single pages). The number of pages of the multipage PDF must be an even number of pages.

Required : Cropping

All pages must be cropped and trimmed to final trim size. The Art/Media should match the Crop Box and all Crop Settings must be “0.00”.

Required : Text

Editorial PDFs must contain properly embedded fonts for all text. No PDF files may contain vector outlines of text on editorial pages.

Required : Graphics - Raster

All raster images must be at 150dpi, RGB, JPEG compression setting should be medium or high quality. Crossover images must match across the gutter (no doubling of images for gutter allowance).

Recommended : Graphics - Vector

Complex vector objects are not supported, it is recommended that you convert such objects to raster images.

Requested : Page Map/Flat Plan

A page map, if available, is requested for page sequencing and quality assurance purposes.

** Zinio Production reserves the right to reject PDF files that are significantly out of specs.


App Setup

You will be sent a URL where you can define the look of your App for all the channels you will be publishing it to. Upon completion, your App will be built for you by the Zinio Pro Team. You will be sent instructions on how to load your App onto your devices for testing. You will also be sent instructions on how to access your issues for testing as well.

After testing your App and the content within it on multiple devices, you will be ready to launch your own branded App with your content inside to multiple channels.



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