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Subscription Fulfillment

This section describes how you can monazite your own subscriptions, separate from the subscriptions you will be selling in each store you are offering your app content in.

Subscriptions Offered in Stores

Within your App, you can offer subscriptions through the respective stores the App is being hosted in. For example, you can offer subscriptions through the iTunes store, the Google Play Store, the Amazon Store, etc...

In each of these stores you will receive a percentage of the revenue generated. You can additionally sell your own content on your website. However, within the Apps themselves you can have no active link that would lead a customer to buy the subscription through you instead of the store the App is hosted in. Additionally, you can't have banners that mention different platforms as well. This is why you can define which store a banner you upload should appear in.


Subscription Fulfillment Options

There are three different ways you can setup your own subscription fulfillment using the Zinio Pro Publishing Solution.

  1. You can upload a CSV file with customer information into your Zinio Pro Publishing interface. This file needs to have the customers name, email, and a date range. The customer will be contacted and prompted to make a password to access their digital editions.
  2. We have integrated with multiple fulfillment houses such as TCS, CSD, and PCD. If you use one of these companies we can automatically setup your fulfillment without any additional work on your end.
  3. We provide you with our API's and you can manage your own subscription database, users and issues. We will just need to know the url of the database to point your App to when a user tries to log in. This solution requires development on the publishers side to integrate the login function.
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