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How to create an ad unit?


An ad unit is a container which will be created to define the position for advertisement in your iPad issue. Each ad unit represents a position where an advert should appear in the issue. Ad units are default and will be created one time, that’s why it is important to define it clearly. At the moment you can select to plan them before or after a section.

1. Click on New ad unit

2. Choose the target platform Mobile

3. Fill in the form as shown in the example below:


Name: Add a name which will clarify the kind of advert and the position in the issue

            e.g. FullscreenAd_section xx_before

Description: Optional more information if needed

Type: Choose application for your iPad or Android app

Size: Choose the portrait size of your advert. The ad size depends on the layout of your app

e.g. fullscreen advert for iPad  768 x 1024


How to generate an ad unit ID?


Every ad unit has an own 'ad unit ID'. This number is needed to integrate adverts into the Zinio Pro Publishing Platform to identify the ad units. After creating all ad units in the inventory you need to generate a tag for each ad unit and send all ad units IDs to your project manager or support team.

  1. Go to Inventory
  2. Click on the ad unit
  3. Click on Generate tags
  4. Copy the code in the line Ad unit ID and Ad unit size
  5. Repeat this action for all ad units in the inventory
  6. Send all generated tags to your project manager or support team.

How to create an order and a new line item?

Before running an ad campaign for a certain advertiser, you need to create an order for it. After that you could create a new Line Item, which is the campaign for this certain advertiser and add the medium of the ad campaign, which could be an image, Flash or Video.

  1. Click on New order
  2. Fill in the form as in the example shown below

New order:

Name: Each order has to have an unique name within your network.

Advertiser: Add the name of the advertiser

Trafficker: Assign a certain person in your company who is uploading Creatives and tracking performance for this order


New line item:

Name: Name of the campaign

Target platform: Choose Mobile

Inventory Size: Choose Standard then add the sizes of the advert, in the case of a mobile app this is the portrait and the landscape size of the advert (fullscreen e. g. 768 x 1024, 1024 x 768)

Settings: depending on your sales contract with the advertiser

Adjust delivery: depending on your sales contract with the advertiser

Add targeting: Add the campaign to a certain ad unit. The targeting defines where the campaign will be displayed in the issue. The targeting could include one or more ad units, or randomly for choosing “Run of network: Mobile” Add more target criteria to target a specific audience (optional).


1. Click on the arrow after Ad units in the Browse window to expand all defined ad units of the inventory

2. Choose the desired ad units and click on include

3. The selected criteria window will be shown the chosen ad units for the order.

   Save the selection for upcoming orders.

4. Save the whole order


How to add creatives?

After you saved your order and your Line Item you can finally add your Creatives. Creatives are the advert themselves and could be in any types like in above pictures.

Add Creatives:

For each Line Item it is necessary to upload a creative in portrait and in landscape mode (if your app is rotatable).

  1. Access the Line Item you like to add Creatives through browsing by orders or by Line Items
  2. Click on “Add Creatives”
  3. Choose one of the above described types of media
  4. Start to fulfill the form

Name: Name of the file

Image file: Browse and upload the file

Click-through URL: Select a redirect link the user get forwarded, when tabbing on the advert (e.g. http://www.tinkleonline.com)

Target ad unit size: Select the size of your advert (portrait or landscape)


The adverts for your issue are now easily to integrate through implementing the ad units in the flat planning tool of your issue in the Zinio Pro Publishing Platform.

1. Go to the Zinio Pro Publishing Platform > Content > Issues > tablet > Issue xx > Advertising planning

2. Click on New Adverting


New Advertising:

Create for each ad slot a new advertising to assign all campaigns created over DFP to the issue in the Zinio Pro Publishing Platform.

Advertising Plan Name: Select a explicit name for the adverts of this ad slot

Unit ID: Generated tag (ad unit ID) of DFP

Width/ Height: portrait sizes as default

Sections: Choose a section where the advert should appear

Selected Story: available with Medialets

Selected Position: Choose a position in the section where the advert should appear

Select Type: Choose a type of media of the advert


Example: Creating, ad Units, a new order for  the new line item “Tinkle Creating Legends” for an iPad issue

Ad units


New Order & New line item


New creative

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