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Adding Merchandising Banners

Adding App Banners

Choose Settings > Storefront Banners from the menu.

This interface allows you to manage your banner images for your App storefront.

You can upload multiple banners and give each banner a unique click-through link.
Supported click-throughs are; to the Current Issue, to the Subscribe page, to the Support page, to the Contact page, or a custom URL (such as your website).

You can also have different banners that are displayed on only certain platforms. Many platforms do not allow you to mention other platforms in this ad area, so you do have the ability to customize the banners for certain stores.

  1. Choose the file you want to upload to mobile or tablet.
  2. Choose the action of the banner with the click-through link.
  3. Check the stores you want the banner displayed in.
  4. Click the Upload button to upload your banner to that store.
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