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Activating Auto Publish

When auto publish isn’t turned on the issue will not automatically release on the date and time you set it to.
You have to manually release it yourself.
When auto publish is activated, you can set the date for the future and the issue will publish at that time.
For customers who don’t work on the issue before it’s released, the date of publish is already set when the issue is uploaded into their CMS.
When auto publish is enabled, new issues appear in the scheduled tab. And will be released on the correct date.
For customers who work on the issue and edit articles (replace images, add video, etc…) but still want to have auto publish activated, they need to follow the workflow below.

1. Since auto publish is activated, the issue will automatically appear “Scheduled” tab.


2. Click on the name/date below the issue cover in the “Scheduled" tab. Scroll down the page to select the “Cancel Schedule" button.


3. Type in your reason for unpublishing, and check the disclaimer. Now click “Ok.”


4. The issue will now appear under the “Current” tab. You can make all the edits you want to the articles, check in the stories, and set your issue to publish at a future date. Because auto publish is turned on, it will automatically publish at that exact date and time you specified.

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