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Essential CMS Steps for Zinio Pro

After you log into your Zinio Pro Publishing Platform, you will see the latest issue that has been processed in the Content > Issues section.


Toggling between Mobile and Tablet

Make sure you select the correct device you wish to edit from the Tablet/Mobile tab to ensure you are editing the correct device. Depending on your App setup, you may need to just edit mobile, if you only have the Responsive view on mobile devices. However, if you also have Responsive view on your tablet device, you will also need to edit that as well.


Selecting a Design Pack

Click on the pencil under the current issue you are working on to select the most up-to-date Design Pack for the issue.

As templates are modified and added you will need to make sure that the most current Design pack is chosen for the current issue. The most current Design Pack will always be the one furthest to the left.

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