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Editing Your Story Content

The editing page is where the writer/editor can edit and add properties to existing content. The suite of features on this page can be customized to meet the need of each publication.

Editorial Planning Section

Click on the section name to expose the articles within. Then click on the pencil to the right of the story to edit it.


Editing a Story

Hover over a story name to reveal the editing options. Click on the pencil to edit that story.


Applying the correct Template from the Design Pack

Each section has it’s own template which must be assigned in the Mobile Layout section on the right. Select the vertical layout, then pick the correct corresponding template for that story.


Story Structure

  1. TITLE Name the title of the story in this field.
  2. SUBTITLE Name the sub-title of the story in this field.
  3. NAME Name of the person who authored this story
  4. EMAIL  Email of the person who authored this story
  5. REMOVE SELECTED  This button allows you to remove selected author.
  6. ADD AUTHOR This button allows you to add new author for this content.
  7. TAGS This function allows you to add keywords related to the content. Tags are helpful in categorizing and finding content.   
  8. INTRODUCTION Add introduction of the story in this field.

Body Edit Panel

  1. BODY Add the body of content in this field. You can either paste content into the field or use the text editor to write and format the story. We can customize functions in the text editor to suit your need. For more information read Online Editor Overview
  2. ADD OBJECT Add articles related to this story.
  3. SEND FOR PUBLISHING Use this to send the story to the editor for approval. Editor uses this to publish the story.
  4. SAVE AS DRAFT This function allows you to save the story as draft.
  5. DISCARD DRAFT Click this button to discard the draft.
  6. COMPARE You can compare the different versions of a story by using this button. To track changes made after revision select two different versions of the article and click COMPARE.

Saving Your Changes

  1. PREVIEW This function allows you to preview the story. After clicking this button a new window will open displaying the preview of the story. 
  2. SEND FOR PUBLISHING Use this to send your story to editor for approval. Editor uses this to publish the story.
  3. SAVE AS DRAFT This function allows you to save story as draft.
  4. DISCARD DRAFT Discard the draft by using this button.
  5. EXPORT TO INDESIGN Select the InDesign template and click EXPORT to integrate the story into an InDesign template. This fuction prepares content for print publishing. 

Media Management

  1. MEDIA MANAGEMENT  Upload the media to be used in this story by dragging the file from local drive to the media management box or by clicking on the upload button. We support most popular media file types. 
  2. RELATED OBJECTS Add any story related object, such as images, video, or sources. 
  3. ISSUE AND SECTIONS  This function allows you to send this story to a different section/issue. Editor selects SECTION and clicks SET. 
  4. ASSIGNMENT DETAILS  Editor only to use this function to assign the story to a different person or to select a different deadline.
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