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Inserting an Advertisement

This section describes how to add and reorder advertisements inside your issue.

Text-View Planning Section

The Text-View Planning section allows you to add additional advertisements to your issues.


Insert Advertisement

Choose the Insert Advertisement button at the bottom of the page.


Define your Advertisement

In the Insert Advertisement section you can pick the source and position of your advertisement.

If you are using Google DFP, please refer to that section of the documentation for setup:

DFP Setup


You can upload both a vertical and landscape version of your advertisement.


Adding the Click-Through

The advertisement can lead to 5 different areas:

1. Current Issue

2. Subscribe Page

3. Support

4. Contact

5. Custom URL


Save Your Changes

Choose Save Advertisement to save your changes.


Changing Order of Advertisements

You can alternatively drag your ads into the proper order in the Text-View Planning section and then use Save New Order to save your changes.

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